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Best Hair Color Ideas

Each year new hair fashion trends coming and each year we think that nothing new to offer after previous trends can come. It is hard to imagine something better than balayage and gray hair we saw last year, right? The thing is that there is nothing better! At least, 2017 hair fashion trends include all the above mentioned. 2017 offers us extensions of previous trends; a little bit changed the perception of balayage, new natural variations and something original about the shades of gray. So let us see how to rock this year with a hair color!

1. Balayage Variations

classic balayage

Balayage classic

Balayage is the best technique for all those who are new to hair coloring, allowing refreshing hair color with downlights or highlights without the insane upkeep of coloring. That is why balayage popularity increases from day to day, offering different varieties and styles.

tiger eye balayage

Tiger eye balayage

One of the trendiest variations of balayage this year was named after the stone – tiger eye. Hair stylist name it the new bronde and says it suits best warm brunette colors with the tones of golden brown, amber, and shades of honey. Tiger eye balayage itself is a combination of caramel tones with deep brown highlights.

2. Color Melting Variations

color melting

Color melting

The color melting technique continues to rock this year. It allows hair stylists to combine various colors and to have as the result seamless color that comes from roots to ends. This technique is suitable both for blondes and brunettes. By the way, you can experiment with color and try something new. Just note, this year pink is the new black, so do not be afraid of using this sweet and tasty color. It will compliment any skin color and attract a lot of attention both from women and men. You will love it!
The technique of color melting means that your stylist will take a bunch of different colors, any you would like, but in the same spectrum, and combine them to create a look as if there are some highlights or downlights.

melted brunette

Melted brunette

Still, if you want to keep your natural look, you can also try melted brunette. It looks quite similar to balayage but still, differs. The color movement is more fluid and looks as if your hair was kissed by the sunlight.

Blending Blond

Blending Blond

You can try melting technique on blonde hair as well. In this case, your blonde hair will look much softer.

3. From Gray to Metallic

Metallic Manes

Metallic Manes

If you want to stand out from the crowd with your new hair color, so not miss a chance to try different variations of metallic tones, starting from gray to purple and pink. Yes, once again – pink is the new black.

the new gray

The New Gray

All shades of gray are in high demand this year, so if you always dreamed about this cold and bright tone, it is a good chance to try it. Just note that you will have to make pre-lightening to achieve the best tones. You will also have to refresh your color every six weeks and make sure that your hair has enough treatment. It will help to keep vibrant color and achieve a better hair condition.

silver blonde

Silver blonde

Silver tones are among the most feminine and classic ones. Silver takes us back to 70’s elegance and old Hollywood glamor.

4. Rocking Natural Variations

new natural trends

New natural trends

If you want to keep your hair look natural but still need coloring or just want to make it a little bit lighter or darker, you can ask your stylist to mix at least two natural tones to achieve deeper, smoky look. It always works well and compliments any skin color.

5. Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde

Platinum blonde

Every woman knows that platinum hair color looks absolutely great! Still, you will need to take care of your hair as if it is a little baby and make sure that you have enough hair treatment.

extra platinum blonde

Extra platinum blonde

This tone will make your hair shine bright like a diamond. The only thing you have to note is that you will need a lot of hair treatment. Extra platinum is going to trend hard this year, so get ready for all shades of white!

6. Sun-Kissed Blonde

sun-kissed blonde

Sun-kissed blonde

To make your hair shine and not to damage the texture, use demi-permanent colors that will help you to achieve a sun-kissed blonde effect. By the way, it looks natural and sunny and does not require any special treatment. You can use a balayage technique if you want to add more brightness.

7. Shades of Rose

shades of rose

Shades of Rose

Do you remember what we said you before about pink? For sure, a rose is not vividly pink but still rocks hard this year. You can try various tones, depending on your skin color. Still, vanilla and sky shades this year are the hottest.

rose gold blonde

Rose Gold Blonde

If you are blonde or want to change your color to blonde, try some golden-rose variations this spring. Make some shade, and all the highlights will shine!