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What are the Types of Floor Hangers for Outerwear?

A hanger is an essential attribute of every hallway. But how to choose a good option? Based on the functionality of the rack from SONGMICS HOME and its location, the following types can be distinguished:


This is a hanger with two racks, which are connected by a rod. Beam with clothes is fixed to the crossbar. Another standing floor hanger for outerwear is called U-shaped. One type of this option could be a two-row hanger.


It looks like a long stick with evenly or inconsistently placed hooks. Suitable for jackets, raincoats, fur coats, hats and other accessories (umbrellas or bags). This clothes stand consists of a high-quality support, which comes in the form of curved or round legs. Stability will depend directly on the quality, and functionality will depend on the number of hooks.

clothes rack

Photo by 420 FourTwoO on Unsplash

With a bench

The design resembles a dressing room, only there is a bench attached at the bottom, providing additional convenience when changing clothes. Suitable for sports institutions, enterprises and offices.

What are hangers made of: materials for production

The main materials for the production of hangers are metal and wood. Plastic and marble can be made to decorate hooks and other parts. A popular model is a combination hanger, where the stand is made of metal and the base and crossbars are made of wood.

Metal products are perfect for offices and public places.

Their main advantages are:

  • Light weight.
  • Sustainabality.
  • Aestetics.
  • Manufacturability.
clothes hangers

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Thanks to the massive base, they are widely distributed in clothing stores and sales.

Wooden items are used to store suits and dresses. Not suitable for wet outerwear after a walk outside, as the hooks may become deformed. However, wooden hangers are a great addition to the design.

Their advantages include:

  • Small dimensions.
  • Mobility.
  • Original design.

But only you can determine which material and which design is suitable for your home.

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