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Top10 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

Fashion trends of 2017 have a lot to offer to stylists, buyers, editors and anyone else who are interested in the world of fashion. This year promises to make an inherently upbeat season, including interpretations of the 1980s, and wide and bright color palette. Spring/summer fashion trends in 2017 include vivid flower prints, a mixture of various styles and free of any rules designs. So if you have decided on a big change in your wardrobe, here are some fashion trends you can expect from 2017 spring/summer season.

  1. Pink is the new black

Pink rocks this season. It was in every collection on the runways, in every possible shade and hue. It means that you just cannot escape pink this spring and summer. But why would you want to? This color warms every skin tone and evokes warm feelings of romance. You can choose neon, soft, sharp – pink will look perfect anyways!

  1. 90s Stripes

It is time to replace all the classic white t-shirts with striped ones.This season promises to bring stripes of different width and trendy as hell opposite print. You can mix stripes as you wish. And do not forget about that Tommy Hilfiger windbreaker in the back of your closet; it is time to give him a new life.

  1. Athluxury

Athluxury is the new athleisure.  So even if you love your skinny spot leggins too much, leave them behind this season to say hello to country club bourgeois. Athluxury is elegant; it is not a street-wear. If this sounds weird, do not panic. In few months you would love everything about athluxury.

  1. Statement Earrings

If you want to catch the wave of 2017 earrings trends, raid your mom’s jewelry box. 2017 will appreciate all those bold alluring statement earrings. Sparkles are very trendy.

  1. Florals, florals and…florals!

Yes, you are right, every spring season gives us some garden party florals, but 2017 will literally revive the 60’s Mod style! Very soon you will see small and oversized, monochromatic and neon groovy Mod florals in every store.

  1. 80s Sleeves

If you are one of those who do not like the fact that the details of the 80’s style have dominated the streets already for two seasons, we have bad news for you: things will get worse. You will see mutton, bell, and bishop sleeves everywhere. Though the style looks a little daunting, it is actually quite wearable. Just give it a try.

  1. Mega Platforms

In this season, high platforms are the must-have! You can choose between platform and flatform, made of wood or laced platforms, and you can be absolutely sure that you will see every imaginable variation of this height-enhancing footwear in this season.

  1. Utilitarian

This season brings square shoulders and oversized pockets, and a palette of beloved khakis, olives, and nude colors. When it comes to men’s fashion, there are a lot of air force jackets, working man blazers, and mechanic jumpsuits in this season.

  1. Bra Top

Prepare yourself to see a lot of naked body parts in this season. So if you are ready to show a lot of skin, consider bra tops that rock this season. Bralettes and swimwear-inspired bra tops will be the dominant of this season. This is an amazingly trendy solution for those who carry a lot of confidence. And in the combination with an oversized maxi skirt or cropped denim, it looks incredibly fashionable.

  1. Bad Girls Gang

If you love that bad girls club style and want to try it again, 2017 gives you the best chance to do it. High fashion slogan teens are to be mixed up with ladylike silhouettes made of unusual fabrics. The trend is not for everyone, though those who appreciate bold and electric styles will enjoy this season.