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Save Our Smartphones. Why to protect your phone

Today, manufacturers of accessories are trying to please every potential buyer, so the variety of cases for mobile gadgets is simply amazing. In addition to many variations in the design and appearance of the cases, they differ in their design features.

Among those, there are several types today:

  • Cover-case, or just a case;
  • Clamshell case;
  • Cover book;
  • Cover-bumper;
  • Powercase;
  • Waterproofcase.

The most of the times cases are made of these materials:

  • Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Metal
  • Plastic.

Of course, iphone cases should not interfere with the reception of calls and the conversation process, sending SMS and viewing photos and video files in any way. They have to allow  you to quickly respond to a call, turn off the alarm, remove or put a lock.

The first and foremost function of cases of any kind of cover is to provide reliable protection against moisture, dust, shock and the formation of chips, cracks and scratches as a result of device falls. It is important that having made a dent on the body of your smartphone, you may be denied warranty service, because you did not follow the rules for operating a mobile gadget.

 The second important function is to ensure the comfort and ease of use of the device in the case. So, in the case, the gadget should be as conveniently charged as without it. The case should be easy to put on and take off. Full access to all functional controls of the gadget, to its ports, slots, connectors and the camera must be provided.

The third function of cases plays no less important role for many; this is their aesthetic component. It is good when the cover reliably protects the mobile device from external factors, it is even better when it is also beautiful, bright, and unique.

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