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Let’s choose a suit for your Prom

A classic men’s suit is the main component of the basic man style and an integral part of the individuality. An element of clothing that should be in the wardrobe, despite the everyday lifestyle, scope of work and age. Stylish ej samuel suits of high quality are markers of success, prosperity and confidence in the future.

The right choice of costume is the basis of men’s style for office workers, lawyers, businessmen, politicians and representatives of other professions. Even the absence on the horizon of events at which a costume may be needed is not a reason to postpone the purchase of this most important attribute of clothing.

Today in the fashion industry there are many options for men’s suits for various purposes. For example, for especially important official events, such as graduation, Prom; for business negotiations, special occasions and so on. In each case, the costume may vary in color, style, fabric quality and other characteristics.

There are “two-piece” suits (jacket and trousers) and “three-pieces” suits (jacket, trousers, vest) for men with single-breasted and double-breasted jackets. The classic and most common variant is a single-breasted “two-piece” suit. Double-breasted suits belong to the so-called old school and today they are used quite rarely.

As a rule, in a classic men’s single-breasted suit, no more than 2-3 buttons are provided, while the lower button of the jacket is usually not fastened. It is recommended to buy a shirt and tie at the same time as the suit. Of course, the most common color of the shirt is white.

The right combination of colors in men’s clothing is a sure sign of good taste. In order to choose the color of the men’s suit, listen to the advice of experts who recommend, the basic universal colors: dark gray, dark blue and black.

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